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How to make your own Blog: Tutorials

Blog (web log) — is a website the main contents of which is regularly updated entries with text, images and multimedia. Blogs are characterized by non-long entries of temporal importance, sorted in the descending chronological order (the latest entry is on top). The differences between a blog and an ordinary diary are conditioned by the environment: blogs are usually public and presuppose readers then can start a public discussion with the author (in comments to entries or in their own blogs).

Blog is one of the easiest ways to create a website. People like to read blogs and advertisers like to place ads on blogs. A successful blog means guaranteed earnings from your website.

When choosing a subject matter of the blog, you need to focus on those who will read it. Advertisers will go by the subject matter of your blog. The amount of payments will depend on the audience you will gather around your website.

There are several ways to create your own blog:
  • to buy hosting and install a CMS. This requires money and experience in CMS installing.
  • to use one of the blog platforms like uCoz.
We will go into detail on uCoz, as in my opinion it is the most suitable tool for our aim. Its advantage in comparison with other blog platforms is that except a blog you will be able to complement your website with many other features: like forums, photo galleries etc. You won't be able to do this with the help of an ordinary blog platform. And besides, with uCoz you can create a website for free.

So let's start building a free blog at uCoz:

Register a new uNet account(1-3 steps). You can create as many websites as you wish using only one uNet account. If you have it already then go directly to item 2.

Create a website in uNet(4-8 steps). Just at once you can enable the necessary module (one of many) - Blog.

Adjust blog categories.

blogs categories management

adding blog category

adding blog category

Now we have created a blog and can personalize it

Change the logo.

Change MyCorp.

Add new entries.

For people to get to know about our blog we submit it to search engines. Now people will be able to find it.

Write interesting articles and add them to your blog on a regular basis. Persistence will gradually bring lots of readers, and advertisers will pay you money for the placement of their ads on your website.

Let's build the Internet together!
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