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How to Make Your own Website for Free With Your own URL

How to Make Your own Website for Free With Your own URL

We live in the age of the advanced technologies. If you know the basics of the Internet usage, it will be easier for you to promote your business. The Internet offers you unlimited opportunities nowadays, one of which is the ability to create your personal website. Having your own website is a benefit in itself. However, you have to be aware of the basic steps that should be undertaken in order to make your own website for free with your own URL.

In fact, one of the questions frequently asked by the beginners who do not have sufficient website building experience yet, is if it is possible to create a professionally looking website for free. To answer this question, it is not enough to say “yes” or “no”. The thing is that this problem presupposes understanding of the very process of website building.

To start with, it should be mentioned that any website requires two basic things to function properly, namely the URL address (with the domain name included in it) and the website host, which will make your future website available online. In addition, if you want to create a free website with your own URL yourself, you will not go without a good website builder.

To build a website, you have to know the difference between the domain name and the URL, since many people confuse these notions. The URL involves the full address of your website. It should be typed in by people who want to find it on the web. There are online resources (free URL providers) that allow building websites for free. You may choose any URL you consider the most suitable for your website. Having done that, just find the required resource and sign up for the free URL address. The next thing you should do is to click the “Create a website” button and proceed making a website with your own URL. What is a domain name then? The domain name is a part of the URL. In simple words, it is the name of your future website, but not its address. A proper domain name should be the reflection of your website content.

Now as you have your URL address you may build your website using a free website builder, which will enable you choose any template and modules you like. uCoz is a great example of a free website builder. It allows you building a dynamic, well-designed website with your own URL in less than few hours. Websites created with uCoz are easy to maintain and update, which is highly appreciated by the users. Furthermore, uCoz offers free webhosting services, so you may be sure that your newly created website will be accessible on the Internet round the clock. Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for?
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