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Earning by Means of Context Ads

If you have a website then you can easily earn money with your website by means of context advertising services.

Such services scan content of your web pages and show context ads that are thematically close to your website. Therefore the ads might be even useful for website visitors. And you get money for clicks on ads.

I.e. if a visitor gets interested in an advertisement and he/she clicks on it – you will earn money. That’s why the higher traffic is and the better ad placement is, the more clicks you have. Such an easy pattern!

A cost per click may vary from 1 cent to several dollars, depending on a website subject matter. E.g. business and finance are more expensive than gardening. One of the most expensive clicks cost 87$ , not bad, yeah?!

As a rule such services allow to change size and appearance of ads, which helps you find the best solution for your website. One of the services that provides context advertising is


In my opinion Google Adsense is the most effective service of context advertising. Firstly, a website with any traffic can earn; secondly, there are a lot of different blocks to choose from; thirdly, ads are selected thematically. The click price and a great number of advertisers gladden me as well.

The only minus is payment by means of personal checks – you need to wait till a check is delivered and cashed

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