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Website Optimization Techniques. Natural and Absolutely Organic.

In order to promote your website with Google you need to build a structure of the website in a cleaver and wise way. The best for your website optimization is to have its amount up to 100 pages. They should be complete pages with real content. And not just lists of links. Domain name is a part of your website future image. Try to select a smart name, which will be easy to remember. You need to come up with the name at the very beginning. According to my knowledge of website optimization techniques, re-branding is not very good for site promotion.

There is such an unspoken rule – the less page weights the better it is for the users and for the robots. Various flash programs are an attraction for the website, but they will hinder fast promotion of the website.

Google pays attention to the text at indexation. There should be more text in the source code, than tags. For example, if you try to promote a website on request “Secret movie online”, there should be at least 2 direct mentions of the exact entry, states SEO techniques.

The structure of a website is of a big importance too. The key words should be included to the names of directories.

Post only those links at your website, which help to promote your website. Google traditionally prefers simplicity in using links.

Website urgency is also taken into consideration. It is better for website promotion that articles would be added to it gradually: one or two per day. For Google it means that the website is developing and the interested visitors will return to your website for new information.

PageRank algorithm is the main element of promotion with Google search engine. It is an inner indexation system that pays a lot of attention to page array. It is better, if all the website pages are connected with cross-links.

By connecting pages of identical topics with links, you pass PageRank from one to all the pages.

It is quite possible to promote your website without paying money. The last, but not the least is a small list of recommendations. They are natural website optimization techniques. Usage of those methods will help you to promote your website to a higher rank.

1. There are links exchanges. You place your website there and sell the space on the website for other links. You buy space for links on other websites, using this money.

2. Write as much unique text on your website as you can. It means you have to create a text yourself and not to copy it from other sources. Another option is to read someone's text and rewrite it with your own words. But you need to use up to 3,000 of characters per page. Not more.

3. Post links to your website on forums. But post them only on the thematic forums in the proper threads. Do not spam.

4. Do not spam at all. Search engines do not take traffic into consideration.

5. Communicate in social networks and put the URL of your website in the signature.

6. Remember! If the content is useful, other users will post links to your website.

The most important! If you have just started to learn this topic, follow these links: Search engine optimization and Google general guidelines. It will help you to avoid lots of problems and to save some time.

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