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Link Selling as an Earning Method

As you already know, a number of factors is taken into account when sorting search results, and one of the most important is the number of external links to your website. I.e. the more external links to your website, the better its positions are. And this fact served as an incentive for link business development.

You can buy/sell links manually. For this purpose find a thematically suitable website on the Internet, and contact its administrator with a suggestion to buy links at his website. If he agrees and adds links to your website for some money, you will have to control the links as he might decide to delete them. Therefore this method requires a lot of time and efforts.:)

But you can make it easier – there are services where the process of links buying and selling is automated.

I do not advise you to sell too many links from pages and to use several link services at a time. Everything must be done within reasonable limits.

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