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Earning by Means of Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program is a cooperation between a seller (owner of an affiliate program) and a website owner (partner), according to which the partner advertises at his website seller’s goods or services, and the seller shares his profit (usually a sale fee or a fixed fee).

E.g. a book e-shop. To increase sales they open affiliate programs, and people all over the Internet sell the books and get their sale fee.

Earning by means of affiliate programs is available for almost any website (of any subject). E.g. if you have made a website about poker, you can become a partner of an online casino and get some percent of the money, lost by the players you brought to the website :)

To start earning by this method you need to find a suitable affiliate program - just type «affiliate programs *** » in Google or other search engine, where *** is a subject matter of your website, and you will probably see a list of offers.

And now a few words about this earning method from the technical point of view:

After you have found a suitable affiliate program and have registered, you will get access to the partner statistics and advertising material.

You place this material on your website (it may be a text link, a banner, a picture of a book etc.) and if a user clicks on this link (banner, picture…) he/she is automatically attached to your account for a definite period (from several days to several weeks). And if a customer buys goods or services during this period you get your sale fee. You can see a detailed information about customers and their orders in the statistics.

This is just an example. The pattern may be different for different programs but the point is the same.

If you haven’t started earning by means of affiliate programs yet, do it as soon as possible :)

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