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How to promote a website. Promotion tips.

As you know it is not hard to make your own website. You want to attract visitors, otherwise this work wouldn't be needed :)

Of course you will get the first visitors anyway. They will be your friends, relatives and acquaintances. But for traffic benefit extrawork is needed.

So let's get to the bottom with website promotion tips and tricks.

You know search engines such as google, yahoo, msn ect. They are made for searching information on the Internet and are the main source of traffic. Therefore as a rule website promotion means rising of its positions in search engines.

Well, there are definite criteria that search engines take into consideration when deciding which website is higher or lower by a search phrase. There is even a separate field of information activity - search engine optimisation (SEO).

SEO(search engine optimization) — manipulations which are directed to raising website positions in search engines by definite search phrases. The higher website position in search result is, the more interested visitors will come from search engines.

And now let's review the main rules of website promotion.

Rules of website promotion.

First of all, it is necessary to form a website semantic core. This means selections of right key search phrases which will bring visitors from search engines.

Secondly, it is necessary to do website internal optimization according to search keywords.

And lastly, an external website optimization by keywords is necessary - to get maximum number of links to your website from other websites on similar subject. Moreover, text of these links must include optimization keywords.


When you have finished the tasks listed above, your website position and the number of visitors will grow too. But you must understand that constant traffic demands constant update of your website with new materials and articles.

I wish you good website promotion!

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