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How to Earn Money with Your Website? It’s easy!

There is nothing more pleasant than to earn money with the help of your website. So if you have got a website, just one small thing is lacking – choosing of the way it will bring you money.

There are a lot of methods to earn money with a website. I will tell you about those that I use myself and that proved to be the most effective. I use only three methods: context ads, links selling, and participation in different affiliate programs.

Context advertising

Context advertising. A good way to earn money, especially if a website has high traffic.

The main point of this method is in the following: ads that are thematically close to your website will be shown on it, and if a visitor clicks on such ad you will get some money. A cost of a click can vary from 1 cent to 10$ depending on website subject matter. Most clicks cost 5-10 cents. Therefore an average website with the traffic of 200-500 people per day can earn from 2$ to 5$ daily.

Selling of links

Selling of links. It is not a secret that one of the key factors of websites sorting in search results is a number of external links to the website.

The most effective way to improve website positions is to buy as many good links as possible. Therefore buying/selling links is a rather profitable business. When I didn’t know how to earn with my website, I was using this method. You can earn good money in this way. And it doesn’t matter what your website traffic is. The main factors that influence links cost are PR and a number of website pages.

Earning by means of affiliate programs

Earning by means of affiliate programs. It is very easy to earn with the help of affiliate programs. The principle lies in the following: there are a lot of firms, Internet companies etc. that promote some goods or services. Working alone is not very effective, and therefore they invite partners (webmasters) who will promote these goods or services and will get their commission (it can be a sale fee, a fixed fee etc.) I.e. if you have a website about poker, you can become a partner of some online casino, and get percent of the money, lost by the players you brought to the website :) The main task is to find a program, suitable for your website.

So you CAN earn with your website! Choose the method you like, or use all these methods at the same time and start earning today :)

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